Yadavs demand loans on subsidy

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: The Karimnagar town Yadav sangham has demanded that the government should provide reservations to the Yadav community and loans on subsidy for the economic empowerment activities of the community youth.

In order to discuss the issues pertaining to the Yadavs in the district, the Karimnagar town leaders have organised a meeting in Karimnagar town on Sunday. On this occasion, the leaders have demanded that the government should loans on subsidies for taking up economic empowerment programmes such as sheep rearing, dairy units etc.

They also called upon the Yadav community people to unite for the cause of the community and their empowerment. District leaders Suresh Yadav, J Komuraiah  Yadav, S Lingaiah, S Sathaiah, Prabhakar Yadav and others were also present.

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