Two two-wheelers burnt on road in Korutla town

K M Dayashankar


JAGTIAL:  In a strange incident, some unidentified persons had reportedly set fire to two motorcycles near the famous Sai Baba temple area in Korutla town on Friday night.

Reports reaching here said that some unidentified person had bought two two-wheelers and doused them with petrol and set them on fire. The passersby on the Jagtial to Nizamabad road were shocked and remained mute spectators of the incident.

As it was Holi celebrations, there was heavy traffic on the road. The people were shock stricken over the incident of setting fire to two vehicles in the middle of the road. Following the spread of the news, the Korutla police rushed to spot and investigate who was the person and what made him set fire to the vehicles on the road. They were analysing whether the person was in an inebriated condition following the Holi revelry.

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