TTD Brahmotsavams: Colourful performances during Mohini avataram

Natua, Garbha, Baredi steal the show

TIRUMALA, SEPTEMBER 22, 2023: Talents showcased by various artists hailing from different states across the country during the procession of Mohini Avataram on the fifth day morning of the ongoing annual brahmotsavams in Tirumala on Friday.

The devotees who thronged the four mada streets were mused to see the charm of divine enchantress Mohini on a finely decked palanquin along with Sri Krishna Swamy on another Pallaki. Enhancing the beauty, the art forms mused devotees during the sacred parade.

The artists hailing from respective states presented their traditional art forms which included Gujrati Garbha, Maharastra Drums, Baredi by Madhya Pradesh. The Baredi Pushkala dance is believed to have originated by Lord Sri Krishna who belonged to this community of cowherds. The artists from Jharkhand displayed their ancient Natua dance which has a touch of Martial art techniques.

Rani from Rajahmundry presented Mayura Nrityam, the famous peacock dance while Gopika Nrityam, Bharatnayam, Thala Nrityam were also performed. The Siva Lasyam dance performed by Srinivas troupe from Rajahmundry stood as a feast to the eyes of devotees.

TTD Chairman B Karunakara Reddy, EO AV Dharma Reddy also cheered the artistes all through the Mada streets while JEO for Health and Education Sada Bhargavi personally supervised the dance forms and encouraged the troupes. A total of Art groups with 248 artists performed their skills during the Mohini Avataram.


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