TRS govt told to prove its sincerity by appointing Dalit as CM

K M Dayashankar


TRS govt deceiving dalits with false promises

It had stopped appointing dalit as deputy CM

Appointed only one dalit as Minister instead of three ministers

Failed to distribute three acres of land

Diverted SC funds for works providing commission to TRS


KARIMNAGAR: Congress MLC T Jeevan Reddy has demanded that the TRS government should prove its sincerity for the welfare and upliftment of the dalits by fulfilling the promise of appointing a dalit as Chief Minister if not at least a Deputy Chief Minister and two dalits as the cabinet ministers as per the population of the dalits in the state.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had made tall claims during the statehood movement about appointing Dalit as chief minister in the Telangana state. Later, he made Rajaiah as deputy CM and he was removed on the charges of corruption. Again, the TRS government made Kadiam Srihari as the Deputy CM and later removed. Now, there is no deputy CM post in the government, he reminded.

Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Mr Jeevan Reddy said that the TRS government promised three acres of land to the dalits, but it was shelved. Had the TRS government purchased land after attaining power and handed to all the dalits after attaining power, the dalits would have transformed economically, he said and added that the Congress government had constituted SC sub-plan and passed a resolution in the Assembly.

Scared of the Congress party getting popularity, the TRS government had renamed it as SC development fund, he stated and alleged that the TRS government had not spent any funds for the upliftment of dalits amounting to Rs 35,000 crore and in turn diverted all the funds, which would give commission to the government.

Reminding that the Biswal committee had stated that there were 1.91 lakh government vacancies in the Telangana state, he demanded the government to fill vacant posts so that at least 30,000 dalits would get employment. If the Biswal committee report is wrong, then the government should conduct an inquiry into it, he demanded.

Ridiculing the TRS government claims on the double bedroom housing scheme, he said that the dalits and others were living happily in the Indiramma housing scheme in each and every village. He alleged that the double bedroom housing scheme remained a mirage in the TRS government. He said that the government could have constructed at least 5,000 double bedroom houses for dalits in each assembly segment if it had properly utilised the funds allocated for the dalits in the budget.

He claimed that Congress alone had strived for the upliftment of the dalits in the state. Former ZP chairman A Laxman Kumar, City Congress president Komatireddy Narender Reddy and others were also present.

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