‘Coromandel is always in the forefront to educate farmers to adopt the latest technology to increase yield at less cost’

K M Dayashankar


HANAMKONDA:  Coromandel International Limited Executive Vice President Mr Kalidas Pramanik has said that Coromandel would always be at the forefront in educating the farmers to adopt the latest technology and best practices for increasing farm yields with low investments.

Mr Kalidas visited the Narayanagiri village of Hanamkonda district on September 22, 2022, to personally inspect the commercial drone spraying operations launched for the benefit of the farmers. He said that Coromandel International being a lead fertilizer in complex grades started the commercial drone spray project to help the farmers of the integrated Warangal district.

Mr Kalidas Pramanik was accompanied by Mr G V Subbareddy (Vice President), Mr P Bhaskara Reddy (Senior Associate Vice President),  Dr Umareddy (Head, RARS), along with Mr J Sajan Kumar (Senior Zonal Manager).

Coromandel International Limited which has formally launched the commercial drone spray project in Narayanagiri village of Hanamkonda mandal on September 15, 2022.

In the wake of an acute shortage of labour for the agrochemicals spray and to increase the spray efficiency of all agricultural input products, Coromandel has launched the drone spray project in the integrated Warangal district. The Coromandel has chalked out plans to take up commercial drone spray in paddy and cotton crops covering 1,000 acres in the old Warangal district and increase the crop yields.

The Drone project was initiated to combat & cope with the labour shortage for the Agro – Chemicals’ spray & for Foliar nutrients spraying like Superia, Sponta, Acuspray, Acumist Zinc, and Folibor to increase the spray efficiency.

Coromandel team interacted with farmers on providing the best services, field demos and soil health testing through Nutri Clinic.


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