TDP senior leader Ambati Joji Reddy resigns to party and announces to join AIFB

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: In a sudden development, TDP Karimnagar parliament constituency president Ambati Joji Reddy has resigned from the party and announced the joining of the All-India Forward Block (AIFB) on Saturday night.

A staunch supporter of TDP since its inception, Mr Joji Reddy had announced his resignation to the party’s primary membership on Saturday night. He had sent the resignation to the party national president N Chandrababu Naidu and released the same to the media here. He stated that he was resigning from the party due to personal reasons.

When contacted, Mr Joji Reddy said that he had sent his resignation letter to the party. He said that he was forced to resign from the party as it was not allowing them to do any activities in the Telangana state nor the party was doing any programmes for the cause of the people. He said that he would be joining the AIFB very soon.

It may be recalled that Mr Joji Reddy had addressed a press conference at the party office on Saturday afternoon and launched a scathing attack against the TRS and BJP for playing politics with the farmers’ issue. He attacked both TRS and BJP for neglecting the plight of the farmers and playing cruel politics.

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