Tallest national flag maintenance become burdensome for MCK

K M Dayashankar


National flag is damaged often at monumental flag post

MCK authorities fail to replace with new flag due to heavy cost

State’s second tallest national flag post measures 150 foot

Flag measures 48 feet long and 32 feet breadth

MCK spent Rs 76 lakhs for setting up flag post


KARIMNAGAR:  It has become a herculean task and a drain of finances for the Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar (MCK) authorities for the maintenance of the Telangana state’s second-tallest monumental flag post on the Old high school premises in Karimnagr town.

The flag measuring 150 feet had come up at a cost of Rs 76 lakhs measures 48 feet length and 32 feet in breadth in the month of February 2019 with much pomp and gaiety promoting patriotism.  The national flag hoisted on the monumental flag post would not be lowered even at sunset as it would be illuminated. Under the National Flag Code, an oversized national flag that is hoisted on an over 100-foot pole is allowed to fly day and night when it is illuminated through the night.

Instead of the national flag being hoisted regularly at the monumental flag post, it remains empty without the tricolour because of it being damaged or torn out due to weather conditions and winds. The MCK authorities were also feeling cumbersome for the maintenance of the national flag and replacement of the torn out tri-colour by shelling out a huge amount.

Freshly on Wednesday, the national flag on the monumental flag post is not visible as it had been damaged in the recent rains and gales. Expressing concern over the non-availability of the national flag at the monumental post, District Congress Committee official spokesperson Bobbili Victor has flayed the MCK authorities for not replacing the national flag and insulting the patriotic spirit.

The authorities, who had unfurled the Telangana state’s second-tallest flag post with gaiety, had now neglected its maintenance, he complained and demanded the authorities to replace the national flag immediately with the Smart City funds and uphold the national spirit.


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