Survey predicts victory for Etala Rajender in by-elections

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: Ensuing by-elections to the Huzurabad assembly segment had become a hot topic in state politics about the possible outcome of the result.

Freshly, a survey sheet of a private firm becoming viral in social media had been creating ripples in the constituency as it states that former Minister and TRS rebel Etala Rajender would win the elections smoothly.

Even though the election notification for the by-elections was not issued yet, but the political parties especially the ruling TRS, BJP and the Congress parties have intensified their electioneering strategies. The by-elections to the Huzurabad segment were caused as the sitting legislator Etala Rajender had resigned to the post following his removal from the cabinet by the TRS government on the charges of encroachment of assignment and endowment lands.

Freshly, a questionnaire of a survey reportedly being conducted by a private firm had become viral on social media. The questionnaire states that the voters were supporting the former Minister Etala Rajender in the by-elections. Accordingly, a survey sheet was leaked on social media and it had become a hot topic among the political circles. However, it has to be known whether the survey sheet was purposefully leaked or accidentally surfaced on social media.

The eight questions asked in the survey include: (1) how was the performance of your former Minister and legislator Etala Rajenderand whether he solved the constituency problems? (2) Is it right to sack Etala Rajender from the cabinet by Chief Minister? (3) How is the performance of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (4) Do you believe your former Minister had committed any mistake? (5) Whether you vote for individual performance or party in the coming by-elections? (6) Who would be your best choice as a legislator in the by-elections from the constituency? (7) Which party victory do you want in the by-elections and (8) with which party is your former Minister associated? Incidentally, all the questions were closed-ended.

A sample questionnaire sheet released on social media states that the people were in favour of Etala Rajender and BJP. If that is the case, it would be a cake-walk for former Minister from Huzurabad by-elections.


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