Students of Odyssey School learn to make Bathukamma

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: Students of Odyssey the School in Ganeshnagar of Karimnagar celebrated the Bathukamma festival with a difference on September 24, 2022.

As the majority of students do not know how to make a flower arrangement for Bathukamma, the teachers of the Odyssey School have taught the girl students on making colourful Bathukammas in different shapes mostly conical and ‘temple gopuram’ etc.

The teachers explained the formation of various layers by using different varieties of flowers such as Tangedu (Tanners Cassia), Gunugu (celosia), marigold, chrysanthemum, Lotus, Gummadi puvvu (cucurbita), beera puvvu (luffa) and others. They explained about the placing of Goddess Gauramma on Bathukamma by making with turmeric paste and worshipping before playing around them.

After performing the pujas, the students played the Bathukamma festival and captivated the gathering with their scintillating and synchronised clapping and dance. Principal Saritha Regulapati, Chairman Sudhamsh and Director Manish appreciated the teachers for teaching the students in making Bathukamma and also educating them on the importance of celebrating the festival, the Telangana culture and traditions.


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