State government sanctions Rs 6 crore for completion of construction of Nagoba temple at Keslapur in Adilabad district

S Harpal Singh

ADILABAD: The State government has sanctioned Rs six crore meant for completion of works at the famous Nagoba temple, Keslapur village in Indervelli mandal of Adilabad district. The orders giving administrative sanction under Scheduled Tribes Scheme for Special Development Fund for Welfare and Development was issued on January 25.

The GO Rt. No. 24 referred to a request by former MP G. Nagesh and Nagoba temple committee for additional funds for completion of relevant works. The request, however, was made for Rs 12.5 crore.

A meeting was held at the temple on December 17 last on the occasion of installation of new idol of Nagoba at the temple where the completion of the temple complex was discussed. The demand for sanction of Rs 12.5 crore was a result of this meeting. The request was handed over to Project Officer of Integrated Tribal Development Agency, K. Varun Reddy who, in turn forwarded it to Tribal Welfare Commissioner. The sanction was speedy action on the part of the government and everyone concerned expressed happiness.

The proposed works are construction of a three storied gopuram, installation of vigrahams in arch ver prakara mandapam, construction of arch gate at Keslapur, construction of arch gate opposite the darbar. Also, construction of a compound wall, construction of toilets and a guest house cum office rooms were proposed among others.


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