Singareni thermal power project emerged 9th best station in India

K M Dayashankar


250 MWs floating solar power plant to come up at LMD reservoir

15 MWs of floating solar power plant STPP would be completed by May 2022

Singareni saved Rs 85 crore worth of power bills per annum with solar power projects


PEDDAPALLI: The Singareni thermal power project in Jaipur in Mancherial district has emerged as the ninth-best thermal power station in the country with a plant load factor of 86.75 per cent, said Singareni Director (E&M) D Satyanarayana Rao and called upon the officials to continue the same spirit and emerged as the best three thermal power stations in the country.

Earlier, this feat was possible only with the NTPC. But, the Singareni thermal power station had also achieved the milestone with its concerted efforts by generating power at good PLF. He informed the STPP authorities to accord priority to the safety and protection of the environment along with power generation.

Since the inception of STPP in Jaipur, the thermal power station had generated 45,181 million units of power and supplied about 42,422 million units of power to the Telangana state through the grid.

With regard to solar power generation, the Director said that the Singareni had planned to generate 300 MWs of solar power in three phases. Already, they were generating 209 MWs of solar power after completing the two phases and synchronised with the grid, he said and added that they would generate 10 MWs of solar power at the RG-3 area and synchronise with the grid by December 10 this year.

He said that the Singareni could save Rs 85 crore worth of power bills by generating 166 million units of power through 209 MWs of solar power plants. With the completion of the remaining solar power plant and synchronisation of 300 MWs of solar power plants, the Singareni would be saving Rs 120 crore worth of power bills per annum.

Reviewing the progress of the 15 MWs of STP floating solar power plant, he informed the authorities to synchronise at least 5 MWs of the solar power plant by March 2022 and the remaining 10 MWs in May 2022. On the proposed 250 MWs of the solar power plant at LMD reservoir on the outskirts of Karimnagar town, he said that the survey work was nearing completion and they would call tenders very soon for the execution of the works.

NTPC chief (O&M)  JS Singh, GM (E&M) Pitchaiah Sastry, GM (solar) Suryanarayana Raju, GM (civil) Ramesh Babu, Estate director  Vishwanatha Raju, AGM (F&A) Muralidhar, DGM (E&M) Srinivas, Solar consultant Muralidharan and others were also present.

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