Singareni miners and employees told to wear handlooms at least twice a week

K M Dayashankar


National handloom day is celebrated to promote handlooms


PEDDAPALLI: In order to promote the traditional handlooms and encourage the weavers and their products, Singareni Collieries Company Limited Director (Finance, Personnel and P&P) N Balaram has called upon the Singareni miners and employees to wear handlooms at least twice a week to benefit the weaving community.

Participating in the National handlooms day at the Singareni bhavan in Hyderabad on Saturday, he reminded that Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi promoted the handlooms in his campaign against the foreign products to encourage the local weavers and fought against the Britishers. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Handlooms day celebrations from August 7, 2015, onwards to encourage handloom weavers and their products.

General Manager (Coordination and Marketing) K Suryanarayana said that the handloom fabric was more comfortable when compared to the synthetic cloths as it protects from heat and keeps cool. He said that the employees by wearing handlooms would encourage the age-old weaving tradition and the weavers.

TGBKS leader B Venkat Rao stressed the need to encourage the ancient handlooms by wearing the handlooms and helps the weaving community from the prevailing crisis. Singareni officers association general secretary  SV Rajashekar said that the handloom weaving had won accolades throughout the world for its intricate process and handwoven fabrics. He informed the employees to wear handlooms often for their ethnic looks and also encouraging the weavers.

TGBKS leaders Kengerla Mallaiah and Miryala Raji Reddy. On this occasion, the employees have attended to their duties by wearing handlooms. Similarly, the National Handlooms day was celebrated across all the divisions of the Singareni collieries in North Telangana districts.

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