Singareni gearing up to achieve 100 million tonnes of coal by the year 2025

This year fiscal year target 70 million tonnes of coal production

Chalked out strategies to start coal production in four new coal mines and increase the capacity of three open cast mines during the financial year 2023-24


HYDERABAD:  Close on the heels of achieving the targeted coal production of 70 million tonnes during this financial year and increasing the target of producing 85 million tonnes of coal in the coming three years by 2025, the Singareni Collieries Company Limited chalked out strategies to start the coal production from the Naini coal block and three other surface mines in Odisha state during this current year.

The Singareni  is making all out efforts to start coal production at Naini coal block from March, 2023, VK Coal Mine in New Gudem and Goleti surface mine in Bellampalli area from June, 2023, and JK OC Expansion (Rompedu) mine in Yellandu area from July, 2023. Due to increase in coal demand, the SCCL has drawn up plans to take up 10 new coal mines and increase its coal output to 850 lakh tonnes per annum within three years.

The company has set a target of 100 lakh tonnes per annum for Naini Coal block (Odisha), 53 lakh tonnes for VK coal mine, 35 lakh tonnes for Goleti surface mine and, GDK coal mine in  Ramagundam 30 lakh tonnes,  Indaram Open cast 26 lakhs per annum, 22.5 lakh tonnes for the KK OCP Expansion (Rompedu) mine.

SCCL Chairman and Managing Director N Sridhar, at a review meeting on Wednesday (January 4, 2023), directed officials to finalise the Overburden (OB) contracts after obtaining forest, environmental and other permissions related to VK coal mines, Goleti OCP in Bellampalli, and other mines. He also instructed them to get all the permissions for the opening of MVK OC and other mines in Bellampalli area in 2023-24.

SCCL directors N Balaram, S Chandrashekhar, D Satyanarayana Rao, Advisor (mining) DN Prasad, Advisor (forestry) Surendra Pandey, ED (coal movement) J Allwyn, general manager (coordination) M Suresh and others were also present.

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