Renaming of Naka chourasta as Salar chowk in Karimnagar town opposed

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR: The BJP Minority morcha leader has flayed the district authorities for renaming the ancient Naka chourasta as the Salar chowk in memory of AIMIM leader Sultan Salauddin Owaisi in Karimnagar town.

In a statement here on Sunday, BJP Minority morcha official spokesperson Mirza Asadullah Baig reminded that since the formation of Karimnagar town, which had completed centenary celebrations, the people have been calling Kharkhanagadda crossroads area as the Naka crossroads in Karimnagar town and it was included in the gazette also. However, the ruling TRS leaders succumbing to the MIM leaders had renamed the locality as Salar chowk in memory of Salauddin Owaisi, he alleged.

In what way Sultan Salauddin Owaisi was related to Karimnagar town, he asked and added that whether he was a freedom fighter to name a locality in his memory in Karimnagar town. Demanding the Municipal authorities to ensure that the old name of Naka chourasta was continued, he warned of agitations if the government renames the locality as Salar chowk in Karimnagar town.


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