Ramagundam Commissionerate of Police takes up pre-poll enforcement to ensure free and fair elections

Police seized cash and gold worth Rs 3.17 crore so far

Central police forces started arriving

Campaign to ensure free and fair polling in naxalite affected villages

RAMAGUNDAM, OCTOBER 20, 2023:  As per the instruction of the Election Commission of India all the police officers in Ramagundam Police Commissionerate are working closely with officials of revenue, excise, forest, commercial taxes, transport department through a ‘combined strategy’ to dry up supply of any material into the jurisdiction that can be potentially used as an inducement during elections.

While sharing details about the enforcement drive in view of the upcoming election to TSLA 2023, Ramagundam Commissioner of Police Rema Rajeshwari stated on Friday that from the date of Election notification so far Rs. 3,17,23,770.85/- crores worth of gold, silver, cash, liquor, jaggery, alum, ganja have been seized by the police in Ramagundam Commissionerate.

Which includes; Rs. 2,68,01,826/- unaccounted cash, 78 grams of gold and 42.081 kg of silver without documents were seized with a value of Rs.2,89,5071, 5.639 kg of ganja valued at Rs 1,41,050/- was seized, Liquor-3078.845 litres, alum-295 kg, jaggery-1160 kg were seized.  The value of these is Rs 15,38,823.75/. They also seized 14 speakers, 02-amplifiers, 6 teak logs, 760 sarees were seized.  The value of these is Rs 2,89,5071

The police have bound over 1393 people in 438m cases under CrPC 107, 110 and 151 sections. They executed 56 NBWs.

There are 35 weapons license holders under the jurisdiction of Ramagundam Police Commissionerate. Of them (30) have been deposited at the respective police stations. Exemption is given only to bank security personnel.

The Police Kalabrundam (cultural troupe) has been conducting awareness sessions in Maoist affected areas and villages on election through village folk-lore, drama and songs. They use the opportunity to tell the citizen about right to vote and how police enables a peaceful atmosphere for them to vote without fear.

They organised 428 nakas at various places to ensure visible policing. One Inter-State border checkpost at Ramanapally and 09 unter-district checkposts were opened. The central para-military forces (CAPF) started arriving and their services will be effectively utilized in Static Surveillance Team (SSTs), check posts and various pre-poll enforcement activities.

The citizens are encouraged to use C-VIGIL App to file complaints on violations of model code of conduct and strict action will be initiated.

The CP Ramagundam appealed to common public to carry supporting documents and evidence if they are carrying cash, gold/silver and any precious articles during the period model code of conduct is in force. She also stated that strict vigilance is kept on the suspicious movement/storage of the following goods to prevent them from being distributed as freebies during elections.

  1. Ceiling fans
  2. Pressure cookers
  3. Mixers and Grinders
  4. Sarees
  5. Sewing machines
  6. Stainless steel utensils
  7. Electronic goods/TV sets
  8. Wall clocks
  9. Watches
  10. Cricket kits
  11. Jewellery items
  12. Other sports goods
  13. Bed sheets/towels
  14. Bicycles and bikes
  15. Cosmetics
  16. Gym equipment
  17. Gold or silver coated articles (imitation jewellery)
  18. Kumkum bharani
  19. Mobiles
  20. Readymade garments
  21. School bags
  22. T shirts
  23. Torch lights
  24. Toys
  25. Travel bags/suit cases
  26. Umbrellas

She appealed to public and traders to maintain proper documents and cooperate with the authorities.

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