Pournami Garuda seva celebrated with religious fervour at Tirumala

TIRUMALA:  The monthly Pournami Garuda Seva was celebrated with religious fervour at the sacred abode of Lord Venkateshwar atop Tirumala hills on Sunday evening (February 5, 2023).

The huge gathering of pilgrims in the galleries of Mada streets reminded one of Brahmotsava Garuda Seva. As part of the fete, the processional deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy was first taken to Vahana mandapam, where the temple priests offered venchepu to the deity. On the pleasant evening of Magha Pournami, under the sheath of a full moon light, Sri Malayappa paraded on the mighty Garuda Vahanam to bless His devotees along four mada streets.

Later, the Lord was taken on a celestial ride atop Garuda Vahanam, which proceeded along the four mada streets between 7 pm and 9 pm. The devotees chanted Govinda namam on the very sight of Lord on the divine vehicle.They offered harathi to the deity all along the procession through the temple streets in Tirumala.

Meanwhile, the TTD also observed Garuda Vahana simultaneously at the local temples including Govindaraja Swamy temple, Srinivasa Mangapuram, Appalayagunta temple and Tiruchanoor.




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