Posters resurface on Collectorate premises, but officials turn a blind eye

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: Gone are the days when the employees’ union leaders erect posters defacing the Collectorate office premises by greeting the employees on the occasion of festivals and New Year celebrations etc.

Now, the employees had started erecting the posters even to convey their greetings to their leaders on the occasion of the marriage anniversary. The illegal poster on the Collectorate premises of a union leader’s marriage anniversary had become an eye-sore to the visitors and expressed anger over the lethargy on the part of the authorities for allowing erection of such personal posters

Ironically, the Collectorate office premises had become a private property for the union leaders and transforming the premises at their whims and fancies. Though, the defacement of the government offices and other public properties was an offence, but it had become an order of the day in the Collectorate office complex and at the RTC bus station complex in Karimnagar town.

“Is it a marriage function hall or the government office? How can the employees erect banned vinyl posters on the public properties and deface the premises”, questioned Sunil a visitor to the Collector. Erection of a poster that too to greet a leader on his marriage anniversary is ridiculous, he complained and flayed the district authorities for turning a blind eye.

Strangely, similar vinyl posters having photos of Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Collector, Commissioner of Police also come up on the busy road at the RTC bus station area. The illegal posters at the RTC bus stand area is a year-long affair. One wonders whether the officials failed to notice the posters or ignoring to act upon them.

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