Panchagavyadhivasam ritual held in Jammu TTD temple

TIRUMALA, JUNE 6, 2023: As part of Maha Samprokshanam festivities in Srivari temple in Majin village on the banks of Tavi (River Suryaputri) at Jammu, Panchagavyadhivasam ritual was observed on Monday evening.

The significance of this Agamic ritual is to sanctify the chief deity idol with the five important Desi Cow ingredients viz. cow dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee. The sculptors carve the idol of the deity out of raw rock giving it a beautiful form with sculpting tools. This ritual is observed to give a soothing relief to the deity from the strokes during sculpting. As part of this, Akshinmochanam, Navakalasa Snapanam were performed by the Archakas. In the evening, Vaidika rituals will be observed in the Yagasala.

One of the chief priests of Tirumala temple Venugopala Deekshitulu, Kankanabhattar Sri Ramakrishna Deekshitulu, DyEOs Gunabhushan Reddy, Sivaprasad, EE Sudhakar, DyEEs Raghuvarma,  Chengalrayalu, AEO Krishna Rao, AE Sitaramaraju, Superintendent Subrahmanyam, Temple Inspector Saikrishna were present.


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