Open Gym on the premises of MCK turned into a garbage dumping ground

KARIMNAGAR, SEPTEMBER 21, 2023: This picture shows pathetic and grim conditions prevailing at the Open Gym on the premises of Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar (MCK) in Karimnagar town forcing the health conscious people to distance from using the apparatus.

The Open Gym is filled with garbage and dumping material and no proper cleanliness. The black soil procured for the laying of lawn some two months ago was dumped at the Open Gym making it slippery to walk and use any apparatus by the health-lovers.

The residents were fuming against the MCK authorities for the poor maintenance of Open Gym which was set up for a better cause. “How can the MCK will keep the fast growing Karimnagar town clean and tidy when it has failed to keep its own premises clean”, asked a visitor to the Open Gym. He hoped that the MCK authorities would take a cognizance of the issue and get the things right at the earliest and help the health-lovers to use the Open Gym.

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