Oggu katha artists also use “Bullet bandi’ song tune to entertain religious congregations

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: Thanks to the outbreak of the pandemic virus, social media had become very popular in all sections of society and become a major source of entertainment.

Several people have started showcasing their creativity and talent through shorter videos. Similarly, in the month of August this year, a video of a bride surprising the groom with her scintillating dance performance on a Tollywood folk song of “Bullet bandi ekki vasthava” during her marriage procession went viral in social media.

Likewise, this popular folk song had even intruded into the traditional folk media of “oggu katha’ in the Karimnagar district. Taking into consideration, the popularity of the ‘Bullet bandi’ song, the Oggu katha artists have been using the song to entertain their audience during the biennial “Mallanna God” patnalu festival in the rural areas.

Freshly, a similar incident took place in Ryalapalli village of Gangadhara mandal where the oggu katha artists used the ‘Bullet bandi’ song to tell the fairy tales to the rural masses. The oggu katha folk artists Oggari Raju, Oggari Srinivas and others using the ‘Bullet bandi’ song to highlight the God Mallanna during the Mallanna patnalu festival had become viral in the social media on Saturday.

Now, the ‘bullet bandi’ song had become so popular that even the traditional folk media artists are using the same to entertain their audience and send the message crystal clear in an entertaining manner.

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