NTPC Ramagundam celebrates Telangana Formation Day

PEDDAPALLI, JUNE 2, 2023: NTPC Ramagundam observed Telangana Formation Day to commemorate the formation of the separate Telangana state on Friday at Jyothika Recreation Club in the township.

Sunil Kumar, Executive Director (Ramagundam & Telangana) was the Chief Guest for the event. With the State stepping into the 10th year, Mr  Sunil Kumar highlighted the development & progress of the state since its formation. He further addressed the distinct cultural, historical, and socioeconomic identity of Telangana State. “NTPC Ramagundam is also committed to bring endless growth and boundless happiness to the state”, he added.

Shri Prasenjit Pal, CGM (Project), Shri T Mohan Reddy, GM (TS), Shri Anil Kumar Vemula, GM (RE), Shri AC Thakur, GM (Maintenance), Shri Hare Ram Singh, GM (C&T),  Shri Tapas Saha, GM (FM), Shri Bijoy Kumar Sikdar, AGM (HR), Shri Bahar Salim Pasha, NBC member, Office bearers of Union & Association and employees of NTPC Ramagundam & Telangana were present at the occasion.


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