Now Rs 2 a glass of buttermilk to quench thirst in summer

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: In this world of inflation when an ordinary Tea costs Rs 10 per cup, here is a Good Samaritan who is quenching thirst of the people by serving cool buttermilk at only Rs 2 per glass at  Adarshnagar locality in Karimnagar town.

The Rs 2 a glass of buttermilk in hot summer to beat the heat had become a runaway hit in the Adarshnagar locality with the people quenching their thirst. A mutton shop vendor Miryalkar Kannaiah, who had been into the social service since the advent of Covid-19 inspired by the services rendered by film actor Sonu Sood during the lockdown, is contributing to the Sonu Sood foundation and later cricketer Yuvaraj Singh’s YouWeCan foundation by sharing the profit earned by selling the mutton.

Praja Prayojanala Parirakshana samithi president and social activist Mohammed Ameer had formally inaugurated the buttermilk stall and lauded the services of Kannaiah. He appreciated Kannaiah for serving the buttermilk at Rs 2 per glass without earning any profits and only to quench the thirst of the passersby.

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