Manair River Front face nature’s fury as check-dam washed away in Karimnagar

K M Dayashankar


Check-dam constructed to store water washed away in floods

Manair River Front coming up at a cost of Rs 506 crore


KARIMNAGAR:  The ambitious Manair River Front (MRF) taken up by the state government as a prestigious project to encourage tourism in Karimnagar town had faced the wrath of nature’s fury with the washing away of the retention walls being constructed at another iconic cable-stayed bridge across the river Manair on the outskirts of Karimnagar town.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had conceived the idea of MRF on the lines of Sabarmathi River Front in Gujarat state on the shores of Lower Manair Dam (LMD) reservoir at a cost of Rs 506 crores on the outskirts of Karimnagar town. As part of the project, the authorities have decided to construct five check-dams to store water up to 10 kilometres distance from the reservoir to Vegurupalli village in Manakondur mandal.

Accordingly, the authorities have constructed the first check dam at the cable-stayed bridge which would connect the Karimnagar town with Sabhashpalli village in Manakondur mandal. Ironically, the check dam constructed at a cost of Rs 30 lakhs washed away following the release of floodwaters from the LMD reservoir a few days ago. The damaged check dam was resurfaced on Sunday after the receding of the floodwaters.


The officials were shocked to see the damaged check dam and taking appropriate measures to redesign the construction work to withstand heavy floods. The officials say that the check dam washed away following the heavy floodwaters which were around 1.75 lakh cusecs. However, the opposition leaders alleged that the check-dam washed away due to poor quality work causing loss to the tune of over Rs 30 lakhs to the exchequer.

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