Lions club members participate in hunger relief camp

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: As part of the birthday celebrations of International senior President Douglas Alexander lion KC Jain, the local Lions clubs had organised a hunger relief camp (poor feeding) programme in front of the RTC bus station complex in Karimnagar town on Sunday and served food to over 600 persons.

Stressing on the importance of providing food to needy people, the Lions club leaders said several millions of people in the country and world were struggling hard to meet two squares of meals. They called upon the people to actively participate in the hunger relief programme by providing food to needy persons.

Lions club district governor Nagula Santosh, vice president-2 Hanmandla Raji Reddy, Lions club of Karimnagar president S Ramchander, the representatives of Lions club of Karimnagar Manair, Lions club Akshara, LCK Balajinagar, LCK Bhaghathnagar, LCK Bommakal,  LCK Golden tower, LCK Koheda, , LCK Gunturpally, LCK Raja Rajeshwari, LCK Sahaya, LCK Satavahana, LCK Srinidhi and others participated in the programme and served food to the people.

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