Karimnagar revels with Bathukamma festival after one year

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: The Bathukamma festival, the festivities of flowers, is back in Karimnagar district after over a year with much pomp and gaiety after low-key celebrations last year due to the prevailing first wave of Covid-19.

All the streets and colonies are resplendent with the colourfully decorated Bathukammas and the womenfolk in their best attire had participated in the celebrations with much pomp and gaiety. The womenfolk participated in the celebrations with joy as they were celebrating the festival after over a year. Of course, the majority of womenfolk had adhered to the covid norms of wearing the facemasks.

The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar (MCK) authorities had also made elaborate arrangements in all localities by erecting special lighting arrangements for the womenfolk to play Bathukamma festival. The installation of Durga idols in each every locality had also come in handy for the womenfolk to play the festival in front of the mandaps amid DJ music. Some of the womenfolk played the festival by playing ‘kolatam’.

Taking advantage of the importance of the festival, the Alphores educational institutions at Vavilapalli branch in the town had made special arrangements for the Bathukamma festival with special shamianas, lightings and music system for the entertainment of the womenfolk. Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy had also participated in the celebrations along with womenfolk to give a fillip to the festivities.

After the singing and dancing during the festival, the womenfolk immersed the Bathukammas in the water bodies such as Lower Manair Dam reservoir at night. Later, the womenfolk distributed vermillion, turmeric and sweets specially prepared for this festival and prayed to the Goddess Durga.

The womenfolk, who were denied of the festival during the last year due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, heaved of sigh of relief for participating in the festival with much enthusiasm. They said that this was the first day of the festival and they would celebrate it more grandly on the ninth day of the festival which is also called ‘Saddula’ bathukamma.

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