Karimnagar DCCB’s 34th ATM inaugurated on dairy premises

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR:  The Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank had inaugurated its 34th ATM centre on the premises of Karimnagar Dairy in Padmanagar locality in Karimnagar town on Tuesday.

Ch Rajeshwara Rao, chairman of Karimnagar Milk Producer Company Limited also known as Karimnagar Dairy and Konduru Ravinder Rao, chairman Karimnagar DCCB, TSCAB and NAFSCOB had formally inaugurated the ATM, which is housed on the newly opened petrol filling station of the Karimnagar dairy on its premises. Mr Ravinder Rao also made first transaction in the ATM by using his card.

The Karimnagar DCCB was also planning to open two more ATMs at Raikal and Elkathurthy mandals in the integrated Karimnagar district. KDCCB CEO N Satyanarayana Rao, GM Mohd Riazuddin, Karimnagar dairy MD P Shankar Reddy and Advisor V Hanumantha Reddy and others were also present.

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