Karimnagar Dairy opens its 58th parlour in Peddapalli town


PEDDAPALLI: Ch Rajeshwar Rao, chairman of Karimnagar Milk Producer Company limited also known as Karimnagar Dairy, has formally inaugurated the dairy’s 58th departmental dairy parlour of the Telangana state in Peddapalli town on Friday (August 19).

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rajeshwar Rao said that the Karimnagar Dairy was taking all measures for making available its milk and milk products throughout the state by opening more dairy parlours for the benefit of the customers. The departmental dairy parlours would provide quality products at reasonable prices.

Directors M Prabhakar Rao, Tirupathi Reddy and M Sudhakar Rao, Managing director P Shankar Reddy, marketing manager T Rajshekhar Reddy, marketing officials Vishnu, Jaganmohan Rao and others were also present.


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