JITS students rally to create awareness of plastic pollution in Karimnagar town

‘Say no to plastic, save the planet’, slogans reverberated in various localities in Karimnagar town

Students collect plastic from the roads and the houses and distribute pamphlets to each household

KARIMNAGAR:  Students of Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) (autonomous), Karimnagar, took part in a rally to create awareness of plastic pollution and ways to avoid the use of plastic with the slogan “Say no to plastic, save the planet’ in Karimnagar town on Wednesday (March 29, 2023).

The JITS students who had formed ‘Jyothishmathi Brigade’ to participate in community service programmes in association with the National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of the college have arrived at the main Kaman crossroads in the town and formed a human chain by carrying placards and banners to create awareness among the people about the ill-effects of using plastic and causing harm to the Mother Nature.

Principal Dr K Srinivasa Rao along with Dean (academics) Dr K Vaishali, NSS programme officer Vishwa Prakash Babu, Diploma incharge Ch Sajan  Rao, coordinators Dr Pranitha, Dr Neelima, Dr Dawa Srinivas, Dr Manikandan, Dr Gaddam Srinivas, Dr Jagadeeshan, Dr Venkateshwaran, Dr Venugopal Rao, Satish Chandra Ramakrishna, Rajkumar, Satish Goud, Chandrashekhar and several hundreds of students released posters and pamphlets.

Later, the students spread into 10 municipal divisions in various parts of the town along with their faculty members carrying banners and raising slogans educating the residents to ban the use of plastic. They visited each and every household in the respective divisions and distributed pamphlets and informed them to shun plastic and use only cloth bags. They also picked up the plastic strewn on the roads and also collected the plastics from the houses. Incidentally, the students used gunny bags to collect plastic waste and used only cloth banners instead of pollution-causing vinyl posters as part of their awareness campaign.

Incidentally, Karimnagar Deputy Mayor Challa  Swaroopa Harishankar also joined the campaign along with the students in the 37th division and educated the residents to discourage the use of plastics and save the planet from pollution. Similarly, 12th division corporator Thota Ramulu, and 9th division corporator Jangili Ilender Yadav also joined the brigade and supported the cause of the students.

The students educated the residents about how the plastics were causing several health problems to the people including cancer. They also said that the haphazard dumping of plastics in the open drains and places would cause choking of drains. They also advised the people to carry tiffin boxes or steel containers if they want to get food from the hotels and curry points to protect their health from diseases.

They also expressed shock over some people packing hot tea in a plastic bag from a roadside hotel and explained how it would cause diseases due to the melting of plastic and entering the body by consuming the hotel tea packed in plastic. They said that they would continue their crusade against the use of plastics in Karimnagar town by covering all the municipal divisions in a phased manner.



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