It’s free for all in Karimnagar. Deface public properties, erect illegal posters, encroach roads and footpaths but no one cares!

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR:  Contrary to the claims made by the Municipal and police authorities that they would not allow any erection of illegal posters and encroachment of footpaths, the defacement of public properties and encroachment of footpaths and even roads continue unabatedly in various parts of Karimnagar town on the eve of New Year celebrations.

It is free for all at the Collectorate office complex which houses several government offices. The leaders of various unions have erected huge vinyl posters defacing the government properties which also turned eye-sore to the visitors. The employees’ union leaders have erected huge posters on the Collectorate premises conveying their New Year and Sankranthi greetings.

On the other hand, it is time for the authorities to paste the new year calendars and stickers in all offices about the respective unions. Besides, several illegal vinyl posters were also coming up in various parts of the town. The local leaders and institutions have been erecting the posters in various localities and roads causing obstructions to the traffic movement in various parts of the town.

On the other hand, the encroachments of footpaths are a common sight in Karimnagar town. The traders, hoteliers and others do not allow the pedestrians to walk on the footpaths as they encroach upon them by installing their display products or a stall to provide parcel services.

Incidentally, a top hotel right in front of the Commissionerate of Police headquarters had completely closed the footpath and encroach even the busy road by erecting a kitchen and tent to make the parcel services on the occasion of New Year celebrations. The encroachment of busy road had become a cause of concern to road users as it would cause lots of traffic snarls following the stoppage of people for making purchases.

Ironically, the hotel was having ample space inside its premises to make sales of parcels etc without causing traffic snarls. But, the avarice to make fast bucks to cash on the New Year celebrations, a big hotel had also stooped down and come on to the roads to sell its products by encroaching the busy road.

It is time for the authorities concerned to launch a special drive against the defacement of public properties and erection of illegal posters and removal of encroachments of footpaths and roads by the traders and avoid traffic snarls on the eve of New Year celebrations, demands Lok Satta Karimnagar town convenor KS Narayana.

The police authorities, who have decided to accord priority to launch drive against drunk driving, speed and negligent driving, should also ensure that the roads were not encroached and ensure smooth flow of traffic as usually the vehicles would come out in large numbers during the festivities, he stated.

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