IMPACT: MCK restores water supply to DCCB and closes leakages

K M Dayashankar


Karimnagar DCCB officials thank the MCK commissioner for the prompt response to the news item


KARIMNAGAR: The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar (MCK) has rectified the leakage of a drinking water pipeline and restored water supply to the Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) main office on Wednesday (August 17).

It may be recalled that this digital journalism platform published the news titled “MCK fails to respond to an online complaint on drinking water supply” on August 16 evening. Immediately after reading the information, Municipal Commissioner Sewa Islavath instructed the concerned AE to visit the spot and see the damages.

On Wednesday morning, the MCK water supply wing team officials, plumbers, and others visited the spot and rectified the leakages by closing them. They also laid a new pipeline to the DCCB main office and restored the water supply.

The Karimnagar DCCB officials thanked the MCK commissioner for prompt response to the news item published on this website and for arresting the leakages and wastage of water.



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