HMs association urges to correct anomalies in the seniority list

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: The Telangana State Gazetted headmasters association has urged the state government to rectify the anomalies in the preparation of the seniority list of the gazetted headmasters of the multizone-1 and 2.

In the wake of the re-allotment of employees to the new local cadres, the association leaders led by its state president P Raja Bhanu Chandra Prakash, secretary R Rajaganga Reddy, treasurer B Thukaram have stated that there were several anomalies in the allocation of the seniority list.

They said that the promotions and counselling for the post of Headmasters Grade-lI was held on 29-01-2009 and the date of joining of Headmasters Grade-II ( Gazetted ) of majority Headmasters is actually 30-01-2009 (for example in erstwhile Karimnagar district). But the date of all Headmasters is published as 31-01-2009.

They stated that the feeder category seniority is not reckoned totally. The date of joining in the present category and the seniority in the lower cadre need to be taken into consideration, they stated. Similarly, the DSC merit of candidates in the lower category is to be considered.

The seniority of School Assistants of aided schools who have merged into the government service is to be calculated appropriately as per norms and their seniority should be fixed accordingly. The seniority of the GHM’s who were transferred from other districts (inter-district transfers) should be calculated as per norms. This also needs to be rectified.

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