Garbage dump fire raises a stink in Karimnagar town

KARIMNAGAR, OCTOBER 19, 2023: Even as the state government has embarked upon an ambitious Maniar River Front (MRF) on the shores of LMD reservoir after the inauguration of the much hyped cable-stayed bridge on the outskirts of Karimnagar town, the Municipal garbage dumping yard located at its vicinity and the subsequent fires and smoke into the air is choking the people of entire Karimnagar town.

The residents said that since last three days the smoke was emanating round the clock from the garbage dumping yard and causing heavy pollution. On Thursday increased with fire spreading in the yard. Residents at the vicinity of the dumping yard such as Alugunur, Housing board colony, Kapu wada, Kothirampu, Ganeshnagar, IT tower, Gautaminagar, LMD, autonagar, Bommakal bypass road and Autonagar etc were unable to breathe even indoors. The washed clothes were becoming dirty and smelly within hours. The morning walkers on the road were feeling unable to breathe on the road.

Following the piling up of the garbage mounts and causing fire due to chemical reaction following the emanation of methane gas due to presence of organic and inorganic substances in the garbage. The methane gas is produced due to high temperature and pressure and it is inflammable. This along with combustible material such as plastic can lead to fires.

Though the MCK authorities have claimed that they were segregating the organic and inorganic waste material and producing manure by setting vermi compost pits, but it was hardly seen in any part of the town. Even the MCK had planned to set up a bio-gas plant on its premises to generate power by using the vegetable waste from the market, but remain a distant dream.

Several residents in the town were suffering from cough and other ailments due to the continuous smoke from the garbage dumping yard. People from Hyderabad and other parts of the town who are returning to the native Karimnagar for the Dasara festivities are greeted with stench, smoke, pungent smell and pollution from the garbage dump adjacent to the cable-stayed bridge and MRF.

A walk along the shores of Manair river and Rajiv Rahadhari by-pass road is a horrible experience with heaps of garbage and pollution generated by burning. Senior citizens of the town suggested that the government should remove the garbage dumping yard and other pollution causing units along the shores of river Manair, which was claiming that the cable-bridge and MRF were the icons of Karimnagar town. As part of the Smart City, the MCK authorities should focus on proper collection, segregation and disposal of garbage from the generating points, they said and complained that majority of the garbage was littered around the roads in Karimnagar town.

The MCK officials have claimed that they would be constructing a new garbage dumping yard at Muqhdhoompur village with lots of greenery and flowering plants to reduce pollution. But, the villagers of muqhdhoompur were vehemently opposing the dumping yard in their village following the steady of the town and real estate boom.


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