Friends of Kala Ashram arrive to participate in Mitr Milan even as Adivasi sing, and continue to churn out paintings and wooden toys

S. Harpal Singh 

ADILABAD: The Mesram Bheem Rao Kikri troupe from Tosham in Gudihatnoor mandal. The Thotti tribals sang tales depicting important aspects of their culture. Also, painting and crafting by Adivasi artists continued on the second day of Mitr Milan at Kala Ashram. The day also saw friends of the Ashram arriving to participate in it.

The 11-member group of young Adivasi painters who are being trained at a workshop by the Integrated Tribal Development Agency, at Utnoor experimented by painting on clay saucers. The work of these painters was impressive, to say the least.

Ojha craftsmen, Uika Indrajeet from Belsari Rampur in Bheempur mandal of Adilabad district and Kova Bhumesh from Keslaguda in Kerameri mandal of Kumram Bheem Asifabad district set up a shop of dhokra artefacts.

Kolam wood artisan Tekam Raju from Birsaipet in Utnoor mandal of Adilabad district carved three birds from discarded pieces of teak wood. Among the friends of Ashram who came is Gopi Krishna who works with pastoral societies mainly in Karnataka. Sanjay Saraf from Nagpur works with formal and non-formal organisations involved with artisans and craftsmen at the rural level.

Muneet Dhiman, founder and managing trustee of Vidyakshetra Gurukulam spoke about the field of education. Vikram, manufacturer of rice mill machinery too visited.

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