Free liver check-up camp conducted in Karimnagar


KARIMNAGAR: Eminent and senior physician Dr D Raghuraman has organised a free liver check-up and awareness camp for the benefit of the patients suffering from diabetes at his clinic in Boyawada locality in Karimnagar town on Thursday (July 21).

The physician in association with Abbott laboratories conducted the liver tests (fibro scan) with the support of technicians Tirupathi and A Srinivas. On this occasion, Dr Raghuraman said that the fibro scan is a specialised ultrasound machine to measure fibrosis and fatty changes in the liver. The fibro scan would also detect hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, gall stones, liver cancer and gastro intestinal cancer.

He said that the common cause of fatty liver is alcoholism and heavy drinking (alcoholic fatty liver disease. But in the recent past, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition caused by the build-up of fat in the liver because of obesity and sedentary lifestyle, has been on the rise, he added.


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