Dream of four-lane road from Kaman to cable-stayed bridge shattered in Karimnagar town

Traffic snarls would become order of the day due to unscientific execution of road works

Minister for Civil Supplies inaugurates the central lighting system in the two-way road instead of four-lane road

Visionless development forcing the Karimnagar town to progress in reverses adding to the traffic woes

KARIMNAGAR: Contrary to the claims made by the authorities executing the Manair River Front (MRF) for conversion of a four-lane road from the Kaman area in Karimnagar town to Sadasivapalli in Manakondur mandal via the cable-stayed bridge, the authorities had restricted the road from Kaman to the bridge as only a two-lane road causing umpteen woes to the road users.

Already, the road from Kaman to Housing board colony leading towards cable-stayed bridge is congested with encroachments on either side of the road, with the proposed inauguration of the cable-stayed bridge soon would further create traffic chaos on the road with the increase of the vehicular movement. But, the ruling party leaders are least bothered about the future and converted the road into two-lane road instead of making it into four-lanes with a vision to avoid traffic snarls.

Accordingly, Minister for Civil Supplies Gangula Kamalakar along with Mayor Y Sunil Rao and the municipal corporators albeit majority of them being ‘proxies’ (husbands of elected representatives) had participated in the central lighting from Kaman to cable-stayed bridge on Tuesday night.  Incidentally, the MCK had spent a whopping nearly Rs one crore for the central lighting from the Smart City funds. Surprisingly, the Minister said that they would spend another Rs one crore and set up central lighting system from cable-stayed bridge to Sadasivapalli cross roads.

It may be mentioned here that the government had proposed cable stayed bridge across river Manair at a cost of Rs 187 crore in the year 2018. The government had also decided to make Kaman to cable-stayed bridge into four-lane by spending Rs 9.3 crore per kilometer. Ironically, there was no conversion of the existing congested two-way lane into four-lane road from the Kaman to the bridge.

Incidentally, the cable-stayed bridge across the river Manair was the first to be announced by the government in the year 2017. As per the government statement, the bridge would be completed within 15 months after starting the works. Ironically, it remained a distant dream in Karimnagar town. On the other hand, several other cable-stayed bridges were completed in various parts of Telangana state including Hyderabad, Siddipet and Khammam districts.

The iconic bridge was being executed jointly by Tata projects limited and Gulemark, a Turkey-based firm. As per the initial plan, the bridge should be completed by March 2020. The bridge is coming up with two huge pylons (pillars) measuring 220 meters and would have four-lane roads and footpaths for pedestrians. The length of the bridge across the bridge would be around 680 meters.


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