Dr Ajay Khandal finishes 50 Km in 8.14 hours

KARIMNAGAR, NOVEMBER 10, 2023: Eminent Physician and Karimnagar District Runners and Riders Association General Secretary Dr Ajay Khandal has clocked 8 hours, 14 minutes and 43.95 seconds to finish 50 Kilometer marathon and secured 12th position at the Cuttack Ultra-2023.

A cyclist and an athlete, Dr Ajay Khandal participated in the 50 Kilometers marathon race on November 5 in Cuttack barefoot and secured 12th position. The event was organised by Cuttack Ultra, Cuttack Runners and the Tamasha Project. Dr Ajay always advises his patients to walk, run and take up cycling to stay healthy and fit.

On this occasion, Dr Ajay said that “I dedicate this effort  to the cause of diabetes reversal and control with physical measures”.

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