Donate leftover food to orphanages by dialling 9949914242

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: It is a common scene at several function halls during the marriages and other activities that the food becomes excess and remain unused. Besides, the people who attend the functions also waste the food by dumping it in the dust bins.

In a country where there are several people who resort to begging to feed themselves and there are also several charitable institutions that want people to help by providing food for the needy, throwing the excess food prepared does not really make any sense.

The marriage functions, birthday parties, all types of big and small gatherings, religious functions, big hotels, banquet halls and many other places are where one can expect food to become excess. If you have any plans to host any such event, it is time to find takers for the excess food which will go waste if not shared soon.

Next time, if you find any excess food at any party or function, just dial 9949914242, Veera Madhav founder of Veera Brahmendra Swamy old age home and orphanage at Housing board colony in Karimnagar town. He would come and pick up the leftover and excess food to serve to the needy persons at his orphanage and others in the Karimnagar town.

Inspired by the philanthropic activities of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy oldage and orphanage for nearly two decades, a retired government employee Donthula Shankaraiah had come forward to provide financial assistance for the orphanage. But, the organiser Veera Madhav informed the donor to donate a vehicle (pick-up van) so that they would collect excess food from the function halls and serve them to the needy persons at their orphanage and other orphans in the town.

Motivated by the idea, Mr Shankaraiah had donated the vehicle (pick-up van) just four days ago to the orphanage. The organiser of the orphanage had informed all the function halls and others to call them so that they would come and pick up leftover food instead of dumping it in the garbage.

Veeramadhav said that they were ready to collect the excess and leftover food from the function halls, hotels, banquet halls in and around Karimnagar town. He said that he was driving the vehicle on his own along with the containers and collecting the excess food from function halls. He said that he was planning to appeal to the Lions club representatives in the district to appoint a driver for the pick-up van and provide fuel expenses and help the orphanage collect the excess food to serve to the needy in the town.

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