Documentary on Sarvai Papanna wins award at International film festival in Noida

Film is produced by Karimnagar film society president Ponnam Ravichandra

KARIMNAGAR: A documentary film on Sarvai Papanna, also known as Sardar Papanna, who was considered a Robin Hood-like figure for downtrodden sections in the Telangana region during the 17th century with his heroic exploits against the Mughals, has won the award for best cinematography at the Noida International Film Festival.

Made by Supadha Creations, the 34-minute English documentary, ‘Sarvai Papanna – The Socio-Political Warrior of Deccan’ which has actor Ravindar Reddy as Sarvai Papanna and Tirupathi Gouni as Director of Photography, was directed by Chetan Kathi and produced by Ponnam Ravichandra, who is also Karimnagar Film society president.

Out of 65 nominations in the documentary section, 17 documentaries from different parts of the world were selected for screening, with only five of them being from India. Sarvai Papanna was selected for screening under the production, creative and music categories. DoP Tirupathi Gouni has worked in movies, Telangana songs, documentaries and web series, with the visuals for Sarvai Papanna shot in original sites where Sarvai Papanna had moved around in the 17th Century.

The documentary, the makers said, focuses on the contributions of Sarvai Papanna to the society in socio political ways, adding that the work aims at emphasizing the real history of the unsung hero.

Documentary mainly focuses on the contributions of Sarvai Papanna to this society in socio political ways. Sarvai Papanna is a legendry personality from the subjugated groups in the medieval times. His contributions are remarkable. Though there are many historical evidences like folklores, ballads, songs and stories that are available for the history of Sarvai Papanna. Historians neglected these sources and framed the history based on the writings of Mughal court.

Papanna victory inscriptions and sculptures are also available in Buddhism dominant regions such as Dhoolmitta. Papanna history came into limelight when the British historian J.A.Boyal recorded the folklore music during 1874 A.D. This combined with further studying of archaeological evidence of ruined or existing forts, inscriptions, and temples brought the history of Papanna into limelight.

The main focus of the current documentary would be covering on historical contribution made by Sarvai Papanna to the social history of India. Though there are too many works on his life but still there is much more to be bought out. The present work aims at emphasizing the real history of the unsung hero, the film-makers said.


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