Devi Navarathri celebrations at Maha Shakthi temple from Oct 15 to 23  

Dandiya celebrations daily from 9 pm onwards

Bathukamma on October 22 and Dasara on October 23


KARIMNAGAR, OCTOBER 13, 2023: Sri Maha Shakthi temple, which houses Sri Maha Durga, Sri Maha Lakshmi and Sri Maha Saraswathi in Karimnagar town is being decked up for the 9-day Sri Devi Navarathri celebrations on a grand scale from October 15 to 23, 2023.


The Maha Shakthi temple is being spruced up for the navarathri celebrations with the colourful illuminations and flower decorations. The roads leading to the temple were also being decorated with illuminations. There would be celebrations and specials during the nine-day festivities for nine avataars of the Goddess.


October 15, the priests would perform puja for Sri Bala Tripura Sundari (Shaila putri), on October 16, Sri Gayathri Devi (Brahmacharini avataram), on October 17, Annapurna devi avataram, on October 18, Maha Lakshmi avataram, on October 19, Maha Chandi (Skanda matha) avatar, on October 20, which is mula nakshatra, there would be special pujas for Sri Saraswathi matha (Kathyayini), on October 21, Sri Lalitha Devi (Kala Rathri) on October 22, Sri Durga Matha (Maha Gauri) avatar and on October 23, Vijayadashimi Mahishasura mardhini.


There would be religious preaching every day by Garrepalli Maheshwara Sharma from 7 pm onwards at the temple. Later, from 9 pm onwards, there would dandiya celebrations. The organisers called upon the people to attend in large numbers and offer prayers to the Goddesses seeking their blessings.


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