Defacement of the Collectorate is the order of the day in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR: The defacement of government offices and other public properties is an offence and punishable. But it has become the order of the day on the main Collectorate office premises in Karimnagar town.

None other than the law-enforcing officials erect the pollution-causing vinyl posters on the government office premises, which have turned eye-sore to the visitors of the office complex. It is shocking to notice that the Telangana Gazetted Officers (TGO) association has erected posters welcoming Ministers V Srinivas Goud and Gangula Kamalakar during a review meeting at the Collectorate on December 23, 2022.

It is over four days after the erection of the illegal posters, they still remain on the premises even on December 26, 2022. Several officials including Municipal Commissioner and others visit the office and pass through the Collectorate, but no one is taking any measures to remove the illegal posters on the premises.

With the New Year celebrations around the corner, several other posters are likely to come up on the premises by various other employee associations expressing their greetings. It is high time that the authorities take stern measures to avoid the erection of pollution-causing illegal posters in all government offices and other public properties during the ensuing New Year celebrations and punish the violators of the law by imposing heavy fines.


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