D Srinivas announces his resignation to Congress within a day after joining reportedly due to ‘family pressures’  

NIZAMABAD: In an unusual development, veteran politician D Srinivas, who has announced the joining of the Congress party and participated in Satyagraha deeksha in support of Rahul Gandhi at Gandhi bhavan in Hyderabad on Sunday, has announced his resignation to the Congress party on Monday.

Following the pressures from the family members, D Srinivas had written a letter to Congress high command saying that he wants to stay away from active politics following his failing health. Stating that he had accompanied his son D Sanjay, who joined the Congress party, he said ‘I am a Congress loyalist forever. Considering my age and health conditions, I want to stay away from active politics”.

In another statement, D Srinivas’s wife D Vijayalakshmi urged the Congress party high command not to drag and trouble her husband as his health condition was not good. She urged the Congress party not to disturb her husband and let him live in peace.

On the other hand Nizamabad former Mayor D Sanjay alleged that his younger brother D Aravind and threatened and forced them to write letters. He claimed that his father D Srinivas after joining the Congress party was very happy and shared pleasantries with the Congress leaders at the Gandhi bhavan. He flayed BJP MP Aravind for playing ‘dirty politics’.


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