CPI national secretary Narayana and state leaders inspect damaged cable-stayed bridge

KARIMNAGAR, OCTOBER 26, 2023: Communist Party of India national secretary K Narayana has charged that the Karimnagar BRS leaders are claiming the beauty of the hair by colouring it with hair dye.

“After few washes, the original white hair is back. Similar is the case with the cable-stayed bridge in Karimnagar town. There is only glitter and nothing else. It is plagued with several irregularities, flaws and poor quality works”, he alleged.

Mr Narayana along with CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, CPI leader Pashya Padma ET Narasimha, district secretary Marri Venkat Swamy and others visited the cable-stayed bridge on Thursday where the BT road developed cracks due to poor quality and published in this website. By the time, the CPI leaders visited the spot, the authorities had removed the damaged BT road.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Narayana expressed concern over sinking of the approach road and cracks to the parapet walls within one month after its inauguration following the rains. Reminding the check-dams constructed as part of Manair River Front were also washed in the river, he said that the cable-stayed bridge was constructed only to siphon off the public money and cheat them by glorifying it as icon of Karimnagar town.

Demanding a thorough inquiry into the construction of the cable-stayed bridge for development several problems, he predicted that the BRS would also collapse like the bridges in the Telangana state.


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