Collector urged to protect ‘Sardar Satram’ from encroachment in Jagtial town

JAGTIAL, JUNE 3, 2023: Hanumandla Jayasree, an independent municipal councilor from 35th ward of Jagtial municipality, has urged Collector Yasmeen Basha to take necessary measures to protect the government land from encroachment from a section of society.

In a memorandum submitted to the Collector and a copy of which released to the media here on Saturday, Jayashree said that the locals of Jagtial had raised funds and purchased 30 guntas of land and constructed a building from the year 1948 to 1952 and named it after then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel and coined it as ‘Sardar Satram’ after the liberation of Telangana from the clutches of Nizam rulers and merger with Indian territory. As there are no hierarchical owners of the property, all sections of society used the building for functions, meetings and other purposes.

The municipal authorities had also issued house numbers to the said property from 2-6-34 to 2-6-44 which is non-residential. However, there was no payment of the property tax to the said property from the year 2011-12 as there were no legal heirs of the Sardar Satram. Even in the revenue records and pahani records stated that the Sardar Satram was located in the Survey number 1E. Initially, the Endowments department had taken care of the Satram by appointing a committee till the year 1992

However, the local Vysya community had claimed that the property belongs to them and demolished the existing old structures. They had even applied for the construction of new commercial complex through TS BPASS. The Municipal authorities had rejected the permission stating that the land title was not in their name and the said land was mentioned as Sardar Satram. The site inspector (revenue officer) also stated that the said land belongs to the Sardar satram as the applicant had not submitted any link documents pertaining to the ownership of the land.

Stating that the said persons had displayed a signboard stated that the trespassers would be prosecuted if they enter Sardar Satram and they had illegally started construction work without any permissions, the Municipal councilor urged the Collector to examine into all the records and ensure that the Sardar Satram was made available for the community needs of all sections of society of the Jagtial town. She said that the land sharks were vying to encroach the Sardar Satram now located in the heart of the town and the land cost increased to several crores of rupees.




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