Artificial Intelligence reduces errors, boosts yields, and customizes training: Prof Premjit Singh

LUCKNOW, SEPTEMBER 24, 2023: Former Vice Chancellor of Central Agricultural University of Imphal Prof M Premjit Singh detailed the transformative potential of AI-powered computing, underscoring its capacity to mitigate medical errors, enhance agricultural yields, tailor educational experiences, and aid researchers. He also delved into the intricate interplay between artificial intelligence and the global climate crisis.

Participating as the Chief Guest in the Inaugural of the 26th Forum for Advanced Training Education and Research Academy of India (FAI) International Conference held on Saturday at the seminar hall of the Eiffel Club, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Prof Singh highlighted the key points of the core themes of the conference. He commended the presence of participants hailing from Thailand and Nepal, extending his gratitude to attendees from 23 nations who connected virtually to partake in the inaugural proceedings. Prof Singh also underscored the challenges posed by AI to communal well-being, emphasizing the necessity of global collaboration in identifying and implementing sustainable solutions to foster a healthier planet for present and future generations.

Touching upon matters of spirituality and sustainable health, he referenced research indicating that positive connections, solace, and resilience derived from religious practices, yoga, and meditation contribute significantly to the attainment of sustainable well-being. Concluding his address, Prof Singh extended his heartfelt congratulations to the organizing committee for orchestrating a successful conference and lauded Professor Nina Poyda Nosyk, Vice President of FAI, for her exceptional coordination of the program in its hybrid format. He also expressed sincere appreciation to Prof Ann Suwaree Ashton for gracing the inaugural ceremony alongside her team of dedicated research scholars. He appreciated the efforts of Prof Nina Poyda Nosyk, Vice President of FAI, for her marvellous coordination of the program in hybrid mode. Dr Ann Suwaree Ashton of Graduate School of Tourism Management of National Institute of Development Administration of Bangkok, Thailand, Prof Georgia Irina Oros Vice President of FAI and General Secretary of FAI Prof Pankaj Srivastava also spoke on the occasion.


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