Alphores students were presented with belts for their martial arts skills

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 17, 2023:  In all, thirty-three karatekas of Alphores e-techno school in Kothapalli on the outskirts of Karimnagar town displayed their martial arts skills and secured various belts during the conduct of grading test with their performances on Monday.

Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy along with Chief Martial Arts trainer K Vasanth Kumar (black belt 7th dan) of Okinawa martial arts academy, presented the belts and certificates to the students. About 28 students secured orange belt, four students’ secured green belt and one student secured black belt. They presented their skilkls of punches, elbows, chops, kicks, combination of katas etc.

On this occasion, Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy said that practising martial arts, especially karate, helps increase memory power, concentration, discipline and determination. He said that the martial arts training would help the students to stay fit and healthy and it instils self-confidence to face any eventuality.


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