Alphores growing in leaps and bounds in the education sector

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Planning to start a separate school with the international curriculum by tying up the leading university of USA to meet the growing demand, says Alphores group of educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy

‘If a chance comes, I would open an engineering college in Hyderabad’


KARIMNAGAR:  From an ordinary tuition master in 1991, who started teaching Mathematics in a small dingy room in Karimnagar town with nine students, he scripted a success story by emerging as the leading educationist in the Telangana state.

From nine students in 1991 by imparting coaching for various common entrance examinations, he had now emerged running the biggest educational institutions from KG to PG with a total strength of 21,000 students in Telangana and Maharashtra states.

Meet V Narender Reddy, chairman of Alphores educational institutions in Karimnagar town, had become synonymous with making a majority of students crack the EAMCET, Medicine, IITs, NITs and examinations with ease. He was also instrumental in stopping the students from migrating from the north Telangana region to Andhra region for Intermediate and entrance exam coaching.

Excerpts from a free-wheeling interview:

How do you enter into the profession of teaching?

Immediately after my PG in Mathematics from Osmania University, I casually came to Karimnagar and planned for doing M Phil and PhD to settle in the teaching profession. At that time I noticed several students migrating to Guntur, Nellore, Ongole, Vijayawada etc for intermediate education and for also EAMCET coaching. I thought about why we can’t stop the migration of students and it was haunting me.

Later, some of the students forced me to teach Mathematics and they arranged a room. With nine students in the first batch, I could ensure a student secured the first rank in the B Ed entrance examination and another secured first rank in MCA in the Hyderabad central university, which was a big craze in 1991. I was successful as a teacher as I was very friendly with the students and treat all the students equally from the first bench to the last bench and clarify their doubts.

After the success of the first batch, I started telling tuitions from tenth to PG second year students and also conduct classes for Open University students to teach MSc maths. I used to prepare till late at night for the next day’s classes for tenth to PG students and I had become successful too.

What made you start college?

I first started PG college offering only MSc Maths in 1996 from Alkapuri colony in Karimnagar as I can handle all subjects without any lecturer as there was no semester system at that time. Instead of working with any private college where they remove the teachers during the summer season and live without salary, I started at my own PG college. I started Alphores junior college in 1997 after seeing several children going for tuition. With Alphores junior college, I stopped the migration of students to Andhra and stopped the tuition by the students.

What is Alphores?

Alphores is a famous mathematician and he was my guru’s guru. As I teach mathematics and expert in that subject, I started the institution’s name as the Alphores.

What is the secret of your success formula?

One thing is that I am never concerned about loss or profit and making the noble profession a business. I need to be the best in the state with the best faculty and infrastructure. I provide all assistance to the principals and teachers and they are my pillars. Several corporate schools do not give liberty to the principals to conduct any academic activity. But here at Alphores, we give full freedom and liberty to conduct any programme and flexibility in expenditure. I do accept their ideas and am friendly with teachers and principals as well as students and they can come and approach me anytime.


What are your future plans for good success rate in all educational institutions from KG to PG?

At present, I wanted to strengthen schools and colleges and plan for a school with an international curriculum by tying with the reputed and best universities of the USA. Trends are changing in the education system, now there is a craze for CBSE and after a few years, the majority of students want to go abroad for education, and they want to even do their graduation from foreign universities. For that, we have to create such a level of the international curriculum up to the 12th class.

Already the craze for international schools had gained momentum in Hyderabad and the trend is seeping into the Karimnagar district also. As both the parents are working and financially sound, they want their children to have the education of international standards to meet the growing demand for higher education and study abroad.

Do you have any plans to start an engineering college?

After the success of junior colleges, I thought of expanding into school education and the engineering sector. Somehow I was confined to the school education as I thought the engineering college cannot flourish in district headquarters. If a chance comes, I would definitely open an engineering college only in Hyderabad.

How about your personal life?

A man with professionalism and my day starts at 7.30 am and ends at 11 pm. I am unable to spend much time with my family. But allocates time during the holidays. My wife Dr Vanaja is supporting me in my endeavour and taking care of my children. My two children study in my school and I would interact with them in school.

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