Agroecology University to come up in Pulivendula to promote natural farming in AP

K M Dayashankar


VIJAYAWADA: Agroecology is a movement honouring the knowledge and wisdom of farming communities, women and indigenous. Farmers across the world are slowly transforming from an input-based intensive industrial farming system to nature-based knowledge-led farming systems.

The Andhra Pradesh Community-managed Natural farming programme (APCNF) is demonstrating the transformation of farmers and their communities in Andhra Pradesh on a scale.  In order to strengthen this movement Government of Andhra Pradesh is proposing to set up a World class dedicated to Agroecology University in Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh.  The University would offer an international standard of Agroecology research, education, learning and extension support in Andhra Pradesh and beyond.

RythuSadhikaraSamstha (RySS) is implementing the APCNF programme on behalf of the Government of Andhra Pradesh since 2015-16. The programme is one of the largest agroecological programmes in the world. Currently, 650,000 farmers are enrolled in the Natural farming programme in 3730 villages. The programme intends to reach a million farmers in 2022-23. The unique approach of the programme is a farmer-farmer to extension system led by women’s self-help groups and their federation in the villages ensuring democratic and whole village transformations.

By 2024, the programme intends to reach all villages and cover all farmers by 2030. This paradigm shift requires robust research, evidence, learning and knowledge systems that are farmer-centric and community-driven.  The programme is working with several national and international partners like the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Rome; the International Centre for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF), Kenya, University of Reading, CGIAR, and CEEW to name a few.

Appointment of T Vijay Kumar (Retd IAS) Ex- Vice Chairman RythuSaadhiKaaraSamastha

To advise and guide in the smooth rollout and promotion of Natural farming in the country, the Government of India constituted an Advisory Committee for the promotion of Natural Farming (ACPNF) at DA&FW  T Vijay Kumar is leading one of the world’s largest agroecology projects called AP Community Managed Natural Farming covering all the districts of AP.


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