Agricultural scientists found farmers diversifying cropping from cultivating paddy to ID crops

K M Dayashankar


Scientists make a field visit to various villages to study cropping pattern and create awareness about managing diseases and pests


KARIMNAGAR: A team of scientists from the Agricultural Research Station in Karimnagar town on Tuesday visited agriculture and horticulture fields in various villages of different mandals in the district to create awareness about managing diseases and pests in the cultivation of crops.

As well as the scientists had empowered the farming community about the importance of diversification of cropping patterns to reap riches and doubling their income.

Scientists from the Agricultural research station Dr E Rajinikanth and Dr . Usharani and DAATT (District agricultural advisory and transfer of technology) Centre Dr K Madan Mohan Reddy along with the Agricultural department officials visited the villages of Katnapally, Choppadandi, Deshaipet, Laxmipur Thirumalapur villages of different mandals.

The scientists have observed that several paddy fields were converted into ID (irrigated dry) crops following the government instructions. The team visited fields of Groundnut, Bengal gram, Black gram, Maize, Sunflower which were earlier cultivated only with paddy.

Prophylactic measures were informed to the farmers for the pest and disease incidence and necessary control measures were suggested to the farmers for the infested pests and diseases. Also, the fields of farmers cultivating Anjeer and Dragon fruit were also monitored and their commercial exploitation, cost of cultivation, pest and disease problems, etc. were discussed in detail.

Those farmers whose fields are under the canals have taken up paddy as they don’t have any other option while some of the farmers are positively moving towards fine varieties of paddy and alternate ID crops which is the present motto of the state government.

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