Adilabad surging ahead to achieve cent per cent vaccination

K M Dayashankar


Opens 175 vaccination centres including 126 in rural areas and 49 in urban areas

crosses benchmark of vaccinating daily 21,000 persons 

Collector Sikta Patnaik conducts door to door survey in Adilabad


ADILABAD:  The tribal dominated Adilabad district is surging ahead in the vaccination drive of all eligible persons who have attained 18 years of age by launching special inoculation programme in entire district.

The district authorities had opened 175 vaccination centres including 126 in rural areas and 49 in urban areas in the district. It had also crossed a bench mark of inoculating daily 21,000 persons and set a milestone in the vaccination programme.

Accordingly, Collector Sikta Patnaik had launched the door to door visit in Adilabad town on Monday to inspect the vaccination programme and interacted with the residents about the vaccination of youth who crossed 18 years of age. Appealing the local bodies representatives and the district officials to encourage the people to get vaccinated to protect from the deadly virus, she informed the authorities concerned to strive to achieve cent per cent vaccination of all sections of people in the district.

Appreciating the authorities for their concerted efforts in motivating the people to get inoculated, she said that the municipal, panchayat raj and NREGS authorities were working in coordination to achieve the cent per cent vaccination programme in the district. She also informed the medical authorities to erect posters displaying the telephone numbers of officials to consult in case of emergencies after vaccination.

On this occasion, she directed Adilabad municipal commissioner Shailaja to take up proper sanitation drive in the town by removing the garbage from the open places and accord priority for the plantation of saplings as part of ‘Pattana pakruthi vanam programme. DMHO Dr Narender Rathode, Additional DMHO Dr Sadhana, district immunisation officer Dr Vijaya Sarathi, DIET incharge principal Kiran Kumar, ward councillor Ambakanti Ashok, MEPMA town mission coordinator Bhagyalaxmi, and others were also present.

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