Students take out HIV\AIDS awareness rally


KARIMNAGAR:  The National Service Scheme and Health Club wings of Government Degree College for women took out an awareness rally on the occasion of World AIDS day in Karimnagar town on December 1, 2022.

On this occasion, district Anaemia nodal officer and Fluorosis programme officer Dr Shilpa educated the students about the dreaded HIV\AIDS. She said that HIV caused AIDS and interfered with the body’s ability to fight infection. If detected early, regular consultation and proper treatment help in fighting infection and allow a patient to live long, she added.

She educated the students on the causes, symptoms, precautions, importance of life, treatment etc. She exhorted the students to leave no stone unturned in spreading awareness among the masses about the dreaded disease. She also empowered the students about the need to consume healthy and nutritional food to check for anaemia.

College principal T Sree Lakshmi called upon the students to play a key role to spread awareness of HIV\AIDS. She informed them to focus only on education. NSS programme officers Dr T Lavanya, P Shakuntala, D Sujatha and A Aruna, Health club coordinator R Jyothirmayi, faculty member R Sunitha and others were also present.


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